New document: database model

Currently we are working on the Developers Guide for Openbravo ERP r2.50. Within these efforts, last week we have published the database model documentation. This documentation is automatically generated from the application’s on line help, and consists in the description for all tables in database and their columns. It is structured in Database_Model/Package/Table, so each table is included in its package chapter, the information for the columns in the table is included as sections in the table’s page.

The aim for all this, is not to have a readable document from head to bottom but to have a easily maintainable reference to be linked from any other document in the wiki, our goal is also to improve on line help and thus, enhance in parallel this document.

If you have any comment on this document: what you like/dislike, what would you include or improve, etc. please let me know and we’ll try to add this feedback.

EDITED on 4-7: This document replaces the Openbravo ERP ER published for previous releases.