About me

I’m Asier Lostalé, an engineer at Openbravo.

My nick in IRC (when I connect to) and in mercurial commits is alostale.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Asier,
    i am Stefano Fedele and writing you from Italy, I installed Openbravo POS, is a wonderful software, I offer congratulations to you who are developers.
    I need help to change the default ticket, I would like to change the lines of text from English into Italian.
    I followed the path resouces panel / Printer.Ticket and edit parts of Printer.Ticket in English for translate in italian, but still have the ticket in English.
    I ask you if you can send me the original file Printer.Ticket in English and instructions for editing and printing in Italian.
    You can write at my email address:

    Thank you for attention
    Stefano Fedele


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